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From: Matt Phelps <mphelps at cfa dot harvard dot edu>
Subject: Re: Sybperl on Digital Unix
Date: Jan 29 1998 9:00PM

Michael Peppler wrote:
> Rick Perron wrote:
> >
> > Did you still have to have the LD_LIBRARY_PATH set even
> > after sybperl is built?
> That's what it looked like.
> I don't actually have access to that system - I helped someone
> get it to work - but he head to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to
> get make test to run.
> Someone more familiar with Dec Unix might be able to tell us
> if there is a way (like LD_RUN_PATH or -R flag to ld on
> Solaris) to encode the location of the Sybase libs in the .so
> files...
> Michael

The Digital (Compaq ?) Unix eqivalent of the Solaris -R ld option is
-rpath. Below is an excerpt from 'man loader' on a DU 4.0C system.

You can change and add to the shared library search paths by any of the
  following mechanisms:
    +  Using the -soname option to the ld command when creating a shared
       The ld command records shared library dependencies using shared object
       names (sonames).  By default, an object's soname is its file name
       (without a prepended path name).  The -soname option allows you to
       specify an alternative soname.  If the soname you specify contains a
       path name, the shared object loader searches for it only in the indi-
       cated location, exactly as specified.  If the soname contains a file
       name, the shared object loader constructs a search path for the object
       from the file name as described below.
    +  Using the -rpath option to the ld command.
       The -rpath option causes the linker to associate a list of shared
       library search directories (separated by colons) with a call shared or
       shared object.  If an item in the path supplied to -rpath is of the
       form $VARNAME or ${VARNAME}, the loader interprets it as an environ-
       ment variable.
    +  Defining the _RLD_ROOT environment variable.
       The _RLD_ROOT environment variable defines a list of root directory
       paths (separated by colons) that are, in turn, prepended to each
       directory specified in the main executable's rpath and to the default
       shared library search paths.  The _RLD_ROOT environment variable does
       not, by itself, identify a list of directories to be searched.  To
       search the system default library directories when _RLD_ROOT is
       defined, you must include the true root directory (/) as one of its

Matt Phelps
System Administrator
Harvard - Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics