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From: Vaclav Ovsik <ovsik at skoda dot cz>
Subject: Problems with Sybperl and Linux - RedHat 5.0
Date: Jan 29 1998 9:55AM

On Wed, 28 Jan 1998, Hugh Caley wrote:

> Thanks for the suggestions, but I don't know what it is trying to
> accomplish.  I don't have anything of Perl in usr/local;
> I don't have an /ext/ directory that I can find, and the rpm was 2.07,
> not 2.09.  Can you clarify for me?

I was doing some experiments with sqsh compiled dynamicaly with libc 5,
and variables LD_LIBRARY_PATH, LD_PRELOAD ... on RH 5.0.
But is missing in package libc-5.3.12-25, so
when sqsh started, and libc 6 loaded it finished
with core dump.

I stoped experiments there. It is too difficult to have two different
dynamic libc on system.

Maybe problem can be solved by staticaly linked binaries (with every
library, not only sybase libs).
But it dislike me. Big perl without support of dynamic loading
modules ...
But, who knows ? There could be other problems.

I gave it up. :-(
I think instaling RH 4.2 is easier. (I did it previous week.)

	Vaclav OVSIK			email:
	Skoda Informatika		phone: +420 19 7721366