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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at MBAY dot NET>
Subject: Re: dynamic link and static link
Date: Jan 28 1998 7:16PM

Jun Zhang wrote:
> About dynamic link and static link:
> My understanding is:
> Static link: executable file: sybperl is generated. In script first line
> is: #/usr/local/bin/sybperl
> Dynamic link:
>         is generated. In script first line is
> #/usr/local/bin/perl
>  What about all other .pm files, like and etc...

Not quite.

The sybperl modules have two parts. One is a C code portion that
calls the Sybase API. The other is a perl portion (, etc)
that adds certain portions that are better done in perl than in C.

The C portion (DBlib.xs, CTlib.xs) gets compiled and can be
dynamically loaded by perl at run time (dynamic link) or
statically linked into a new perl executable. This new executable
does not necessarily have to be called 'sybperl'. This new
executable still needs access to all the .pm files in the sybperl
distribution to work.

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