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From: Tim Green at LDC1 <Tim_Green_at_LDC1 at mercer dot com>
Subject: Problems "uninstalling" Sybperl 2.09
Date: Jan 7 1998 2:55PM

     I recently downloaded perl 5.004.04 and sybperl 2.09.  Currently we're 
     running perl 5.003 and sybperl 2.05.  After compiling both statically, 
     during testing I ran into repeatable runtime problems with a 
     particular Sybperl application we have.  I'm not sure what the problem 
     is exactly, and I'm more suspicious of perl than sybperl (anyone run 
     into socket or signal problems with 5.004?), so in any event, I felt 
     it prudent to reduce the number a variables in the equation while 
     testing and decided to roll back to Sybperl 2.05.
     To do this I went to my Sybperl 2.05 source directory, ran "perl 
     Makefile.PL" using the 5.004 perl binary, and went through the entire 
     make process, finishing with the commands "make install" and then 
     "make -f Makefile.aperl inst_perl MAP_TARGET=perl".  I then verified 
     that the perl binary that was created in my 2.05 directory was indeed 
     copied into the perl 5.004 bin directory.
     However, when I run the simple program 
           ./perl -e 'use Sybase::DBlib; print "$SybperlVer\n"'
     from either the perl 5.004 bin directory or the Sybperl 2.05 directory 
     it displays "2.09".
     What gives?  Have I missed a step somewhere?   Shouldn't this variable 
     now show 2.05?
     Thanks in advance for your help.
     Tim Green                            
     Administrative Solutions Group
     "An ADP/Mercer Alliance"+