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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at MBAY dot NET>
Subject: Re: sybase client libraries
Date: Sep 29 1997 9:51PM

The ELF verison of the CTlib that Scott has (and that I also have
on my homepage) are an ELF-isized (ugh!) version of the orignial
a.out CTlibs.

They do work, mostly, but the Linux community would be much better
served with a new build of the libraries...


Eric D. Berg wrote:
> Hey!!! You're in luck.  If you don't know about SQSH (SQL Shell), an isql
> replacement, you should.  It's far superior to isql in many ways.
> I was just checking on the SQSH Home page
>  and ran across a reference to
> the Linux ELF CT-lib.  Go get it!  Check it out. I'd be interested to hear
> whether it does work for you.
> -Eric.
> Eric Berg
> -- 510-922-5610
> Sr. Web Engineer -- Sybase, Inc.
> On Sat 27-September, Andreas Schmidt wrote:
> > Hi Eric,
> >
> > since you are the first at Sybase I found, who semms to be interested in
> > sybperl (your last posting in the sybperl mailing list gave me your email
> > address), you are the one who gets my request for help.
> >
> > Now to my request: Although there is no official support for the client
> > libraries for linux, it would be great if Sybase could bring out elf
> > versions of the libraries. There shouldn't be any problems to put the
> > source on a new linux box and to start make - I would even do that for you,
> > if you send the source to me ;-)
> >
> > Do you think there is a way to get newer versions? Maybe you know the one
> > (or the group) who made the linux port and forward this email to him. Any
> > help or hint is welcome.
> >
> > Thanks in advance
> >       Andi
> >

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