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From: "Eric D dot Berg" <eberg at sybase dot com>
Subject: Re: Problem running program written under CTlib
Date: Sep 29 1997 8:07PM


You can always check the Sybase manuals for error messages.  They are web
readable at  Don't forget to take a look at the
Technical information Library  which holds
most of the rest of the Sybase technical documents, including white papers,
certification reports and many others.


Eric Berg -- 510-922-5610
Sr. Web Engineer -- Sybase, Inc.

On Mon 29-September, Kyle Partridge wrote:
> I wrote a program to do a simple connect and insert into a sybase table
> using the CTlib.  The program DOES insert the data.  However, I keep
> getting this error message, which doesn't make any sense to me.  Does
> anyone know why I might be seeing this?
> Open Client Message:
> Message number: LAYER = (1) ORIGIN=(1) SEVERITY=(1) NUMBER=(155)
> Message String: ct_results(); user api layer: external error: This
> routine cannot be called when the command structure is idle.
> Please help if you can!
> -Kyle Partridge
> ____________________________________________
> K. Partridge   Programmer
> Boston Globe Electronic Publishing, Inc.
> ____________________________________________