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From: bhblack at aol dot net (Brian Black)
Subject: sybperl on nt
Date: Sep 26 1997 3:13PM


i'm a newbie to the nt world and am trying to install
sybperl on my nt server.

i downloaded Davide Ferina's binaries from Michael Peppler's
home page and ran the install.bat file.

The log shows one error:

**Association of .pl to C:\perl5\bin\PerlIS.dll failed!!

After running the test.bat file, the following errors occurred:

Io\dup - test 5
Op\exec - test 6

my include statement has perl5\lib and perl5\lib\sybase in it,
but i still get

Undefined subroutine &main::dblogin called at

errors.  i use dblib.

i'm even requiring perl5\lib\sybase\

any ideas are appreciated!



install log:

Thu Sep 11 13:18:34 1997
creating C:\perl5\bin
Installing Perl for Win32 into C:\perl5
Copying over perl100.dll to C:\perl5\bin
Copying over perl and utility scripts to C:\perl5\bin
Added key for Perl 5 to NT Registry Database..
Adding C:\perl5\bin to script path information
Adding C:\perl5\lib to library include path information
Adding C:\perl5\docs to documentation directory
Retrieving Path information from session manager
Updated path information in session manager
Copying over PerlIS.dll to C:\perl5\bin
**Association of .pl to C:\perl5\bin\PerlIS.dll failed!!
Perl 5.001 installation finished.



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