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From: Andreas Schmidt <andi at team-konzept dot de>
Subject: New sybase client libraries? (was: mod_perl and sybperl on Linux)
Date: Sep 21 1997 10:54AM

Once again, I need some help

>I'm trying to port our perl-based cgi-development from cgi to mod_perl. Our
>current CGI-platform is Linux (Kernel V. 2.0.30), perl 5.004.03, and
>sybperl 2.07 and apache 1.2.4.
>Till now everything for setting up mod_perl 1.00 worked fine. I built
>mod_perl, perl and apache on a new system and everything worked nearly
>immediate. Then I tried to add sybperl. Since I newer was able to install
>sybperl as a dynamic perl extension under Linux (I use the ELF-port of the
>sybase client library for linux), I first rebuild perl with sybperl as an
>static extension. No problem.
>Then I tried to rebuild mod_perl with
>perl Makefile.PL "PERL_STATIC_EXTS=Sybase::CTlib"
>I made no further changes to either mod_perl or apache.
>After starting make everything works fine till linking the new httpd. There
>cc crashes with
>cc: Internal compiler error: program ld got fatal signal 11
>Any ideas?
>Did anyone else set up our configuration successfully? If so, how?

Ok, one problem is fixed, others arise.

Finaly I found the helping hint at Pablo Sanchez's Sybase FAQ
( There
he writes, that there were problems with converting Sybase's ctlib from
a.out to ELF-format, because the ctlib uses ctype- macros, that had changed
in the c-library since the compilation of ctlib. Although I didn't really
understand, what this all means, I had the idea to put the "-lc" argument,
at the end of the argument list for the linker. After this minimal change,
the link was successful and produced a new httpd.

I could start the new httpd, and it works just fine - but only for plain
http-requests. Any attempt to use mod_perl functionality (even without
using any sybperl functionality) causes to grow the httpd to a giant
process, which uses nearly all available cpu and memory-ressources, without
producing any reasonable output.

My idea is, that apache (or mod_perl) uses the same ctype macros as ctlib.
Since apache is compiled with the new header files there is now a conflict
with the structures linked into httpd from the ctlib.

>From my point of view, the best solution, would be a new version of
Sybase's ctlib for Linux. Has anyone access to this? I think, it should be
easy for Sybase, to put the source on a linux box and execute make - or
maybe distribute the source code?

Any hints are welcome.

Thanks in advance