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From: larsenc at pathfinder dot com (Cliff Larsen (Pathfinder))
Subject: Re[2]: bcp parameters
Date: Sep 19 1997 8:22PM

Thanks Michael.

I'll make use of your advice.


Michael Peppler  wrote on Fri, 19 Sep 1997 10:52:45 -0700:
> Cliff Larsen (Pathfinder) wrote:
> > 
> > I am working on a script to perform bulk copy operations
> > in/out of database tables.
> > 
> > As part of my bcp script, I'd like to utilize the bcp parameters
> > "-E" (explicitly specify identity column values) and "-A" (packet size).
> > I haven't found any information on the use of bcp parameters in the
> > Sybperl man pages or the Open Client DB-Library/C Reference Manual.
> > 
> > Does the Sybperl BCP library allow for the use of bcp parameters?
> > If so, how?
> I looked around in sybooks, and it seems that the -E flag can only
> be set with a language call.
> So you need to do something like
> $dbh->sql("set identity_insert off");
> before you run your bcp operation.
> For the packet size this can be set via DBSETLPACKET():
> DBSETLPACKET($packet_size);
> This must be called before you call new Syabse::BCP or new Sybase::DBlib
> Michael
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