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From: Barry Callahan <callahan at UU dot NET>
Subject: Re: A bug in function ORD(), or what?
Date: Sep 16 1997 6:27PM


>From a Sybase DBA point of view...

You might check on the char sets loaded on the SQL server.
(select name from master..syscharsets).

By default, only the iso_1 charset (typically used by unix
clients) is loaded on Sybase install via sybinit.  You may 
use sybinit to make other charsets available, such as cp850 
which is the character set Win NT (maybe Win 3.x also, i'm 
not sure) programs typically use to display extended 
characters (>127).


At 09:47 AM 9/16/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Daniel Wang, LIB wrote:
>> BTW,  do you know how to display diacritics on the web? Some of the
>> titles I retrieved onto the web from my Sybase catalog are in
>> foreign languages. But these titles with diacritics don't show up
>> right in a browser. For exampe, if there is a character which is a
>> caret on top of an "a", it will only display a stranger character in
>> front of the "a", though my reconst function pulls out the right
>> reconst info.
>I've not had that problem - I've been able to store and retrieve/display
>diacritics to/from a Sybase database via a perl CGI with no problems.
>Maybe the browser on the PC has some strange default character set
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