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From: "Heinz Ringlhofer" <Heinz dot Ringlhofer at zamg dot ac dot at>
Subject: CGI problems - Browser stall
Date: Sep 10 1997 3:57PM

I have hit the following problem when encountering errors on openeing a
connection to Sybase:

I am trying to open a connection to a non-existing server (for exception
testing purposes):

      $x = new Sybase::CTlib 'user', 'password', "DUMMY", "cgi_test";
      if(!defined($x)) {
	  return;		# NOTE: this will produce a correct HTML

HTML code generated:

Sybase Client message ct_connect(): network packet layer: internal net library error: Specified server name attribute could not be found, Severity 4, Number

Layer 5, Origin 3

ct_connect failed at line 543, <> chunk 2.

# NOTE: Rest is put out after return;

The browser stalls at the "line 543 , <>" part (Netscape) == This seems to be the problem Is there a way to suppress this message (its not coming from the client message handler (which is heavily stolen from M. Pepplers example, thanks). -- +---------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Heinz Ringlhofer Central Institute for | | Meteorology and Geodynamics | | +43 (1) 36026-2608 Hohe Warte 38, A-1191 Vienna | +---------------------------------------------------------------------------+