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From: Doug Fairclough <kensey at clearstation dot com>
Subject: Re: GIF - straight to the browser
Date: Sep 9 1997 10:03PM

btw, the correct way to do this is :

Content-type: image/gif\n\r\n\r

while \n\n might work for text, it may not work for image.


On Tue, 9 Sep 1997 wrote:

> I'm generating GIFs using the GD perl module (its very nice).
> I want to bring the GIFs directly back to the browser, instead
> of using an IMG tag in an HTML page.
> Content-type: image/gif does not work for me.  If you load a GIF
> into your browser (eg and view source,
> you will see GIF87a followed by what i believe to be the source
> of the GIF file.
> As a test, i wrote a simple CGI perl script and browsed it:
> #!/usr/bin/perl 
> #print "Content-type: image/gif"
> open(X," while () { print; }
> close(X);
> exit;
> this did not work - server 500 Server Error - malformed headed.
> this is the same error i get when i added:
> 	print "Content-type: image/gif\n\n";
> However, if i change that line to:
> 	print "Content-type: text/html";
> and browse the script, then view source, the source looks EXACTLY the
> same as just browsing the image and viewing source.  
> Any thoughts out there?
> Christian Floyd Bevacqua