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From: Rick Perron <rick at ties dot org>
Subject: Re: Sybperl on Digital Unix
Date: Sep 5 1997 7:01PM

> This explains why my cludge fix that I described sometime ago worked 
> (sortof). I had been removing the *.so files from the sybase directory 
> when building sybperl and sticking them back afterword. That would force 
> the file to include the *.a version of the file and produce a 
> much bigger shared library. Removing the -ldb is much more elegant and 
> produces a MUCH smaller file. All of the tests seem to work 
> properly and a sampling of my scripts also work.
> The question that I have is: Does the removal of -ldb from 
> remove any functionality from perl or is it harmless?
> Dave Thiede

You said before that you HAD to build it staticly linked?  Is that
still the case for you after removeing the -ldb?  

Has anyone tried GNU cc on Digital Unix instead of the native cc?

Rick Perron