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From: Laurent Sainte-Marthe <smarthe at genoscope dot cns dot fr>
Subject: Re: SUMMARY:Sybperl 2.08 in DU 4.0b
Date: Dec 31 1997 10:03AM

Joseph C King  writes :

> This is what I had to do to get sybperl 2.08 working with Open Client
> 10.0.4, perl 5.004_04, DU 4.0b with current jumbo patch
> 1) Rebuild perl with out -ldb support.  
>    To do this we just ran config again and didn't include -ldb when it
>    asked for libraries and didn't choose DB_FILE to be used also
> ...
> I don't know if we needed to do all of this but this is what finally made
> everything work.

Happy new year for everybody

 may be someone could be concerned :
 there are two reasons why DBlib doesn't work in Digital Unix :
   LD_LIBRARY_PATH must be set to the sybase openclient libraries directory
   The opendb() function which is called by dblogin() in is the one
   of the Digital Unix library (/usr/shlib/ and not the one of the
   sybase openclient library ( 
   So, in dblogin(), dbproc=dbopen(login,server) return a NULL pointer
   and connexion with sybase server fails. is used by Perl package. Of course, if you supress this library,
   dbopen() function will be correctly called and it will work, but
   in my point of view, it's not the best solution.
   Now, the question is : why is called before in spite 
   of link-editor options ?
   May be a problem of digital Unix loader, I'm searching for ...
  In the meantime, a simple workaround :
   etna$ SYBASELIB="your openclient libraries directory"
   etna$ _RLD_LIST="$SYBASELIB/" your_perl_script
   I hope these informations usefull
Laurent Sainte-Marthe			GENOSCOPE
Tel : 01-60-87-25-00		Centre National de Sequencage
Fax : 01-60-87-25-13