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From: "Dennis R dot Sherman" <dennis_sherman at unc dot edu>
Subject: Re: spam
Date: Dec 29 1997 9:34AM

Michael says:
> There's not a whole lot we can do about the spammers, except maybe
> ignore them, and possibly add a filter to kill their messages where
> it enters the mailing list (but that may not be possible).

The list was supposed to have been altered last summer to disallow postings 
from non-subscribers.  See what happens when you don't adequately supervise 
student help and follow up on their work... sigh.

Sorry for the spammer getting posting access to the list.  Its been fixed 

Note for the clueless: responding to any spam message, especally "remove" 
instructions,  is a good way to guarantee you'll get more of it.  If you want 
to complain, check for the first Received: header in the message, and send 
your complaint to postmaster at that host.  Won't work in this particular 
case, as they forged several layers, but as a general rule its not bad.

No further discussion of spam on this list please, unless you've got a way to 
use sybperl to build a database of abuse reporting addresses, and an 
application to make use of them, or something similar! :-)

  Dennis R. Sherman              Triangle Research Libraries Network       Univ. of North Carolina - Chapel Hill