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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at mbay dot net>
Subject: Re: CTlib problem
Date: Dec 18 1997 10:56PM wrote:
>      Sorry if this isn't right place to put a query such as this,
>      but I'm doing some DBlib to CTlib migration, and was wondering if
>      there is a CTlib equivalent (in Perl) for dbstrcpy i.e. retrieving a
>      copy of the command buffer.

Unfortunately I was not able to find a good equivalent of 
dbstrcpy() in the Sybase docs for ClientLibrary. The only reference
was to ct_debug() (I think), which requires building with the
debug libraries.

You can probably fake it if you really need it by adding some
hooks in front of ct_execute() and ct_command(), although that's
not really optimal.

>      While we are on the subject, has anyone got any examples of dblib to
>      ctlib migration (other than in the synopsis of sybperl)...that would
>      make migration a little easier (particularly with reference to
>      message/error handlers)?

No, there is no documentation that I know of for sybperl migration
from DBlib to CTlib. But I believe that the Sybase OpenClient
docs cover this topic to some extent, and most of that applies to
sybperl as well.

WRT error/message handlers, basically the server callback is the
message handler, and the client callback is the error handler.

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