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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at mbay dot net>
Subject: Re: internal common library error
Date: Dec 12 1997 9:38PM

Chuck Griffith wrote:
> Any suggestions how to go about dealing with this message?
> Client Message: LAYER = (1) ORIGIN = (4) SEVERITY = (1) NUMBER = (132)
> Message: ct_fetch(): user api layer: internal common library error: The
> bind of result set item 10 resulted in truncation.
> The formatting is mine, of course, but the content is that provided by the
> message callback interface.
> What is happening is that a cursor with "set rowcount 11" in it is returning
> 10 rows when in fact there are 49 to choose from in which case one would expect
> 11 rows.

Actually I think it's something totally different.

What is really happening is that one of the fields in your
10th row is a field which is longer than expected, and gets
truncated (it's probably a text/image field that is longer than 32k).

There was a bug in sybperl which caused it to ignore such rows,
which has been fixed in recent versions.

Which version of sybperl are you running?

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