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From: Tim Green at LDC1 <Tim_Green_at_LDC1 at mercer dot com>
Subject: Re: Kill Zombies
Date: Dec 10 1997 2:41PM

     It depends on what platform your server is on.  On unix platforms this 
     is normally handled by the TCP/IP Keep Alive parameter, which sets the 
     frequency that the server should poll the client to see if it's still 
     there.  When unix notices that a client is no longer connected, it 
     notifies Sybase and Sybase disconnects the process.
     I would imagine that NT would have something similar.
     Good luck,
     Tim Green                            
     Administrative Solutions Group                  
     "An ADP/Mercer Alliance"

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Subject: Kill Zombies
Author: at uucp
Date:    12/9/97 8:32 PM

I am seeking seeking help on whether System 11 supports a configuration 
parameter which will automatically kill a process after a certain clock 
time has expired, say ten minutes.
We have a situation where a browser client or Web Server client (SybPerl) 
is being terminated before the Sybase server has returned all the results. 
The Sybase process then goes into a sleep state but holds locks needed by 
other processes indefinitely.
Thanks in advance for any help.