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From: Lars Brueckner <brueckne at darmstadt dot gmd dot de>
Subject: Re: DBD::Sybase 0.06: Strange errors with Datetime fields
Date: Dec 9 1997 4:37PM

Michael Peppler wrote:
> Tim Bunce wrote:
> >
> >
> > Sounds like a driver buglet. Generally an error should only be flagged
> > (in $h->err and $DBI::err) when the method call actually 'fails'.
> The '' of 16 in the error message actually means that
> the error is fatal for that SQL statement. Any error with a
> severity over 10 fails the statement.
> Now as to why the conversion fails is another problem, because that
> conversion should work, and does work here.
> Lars - do you have any special setting for your datetime formats
> (something like "set dateformat xyz")?

No I don't, and as I said above the statements were executed by DBD
regardless of the severity 16 (which sounds really weird indeed).

I switched back to an older Version of my script which still works
fine, I can't reproduce the error no more at the moment. Maybe this 
was a very nasty side-effect from some other operation.

Thank you both for help,


Lars Brueckner, Student of Computer Science