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From: martin dot moessel at beasys dot com (Martin Moessel)
Subject: Re: Calling sybperl from within an HTML file
Date: Dec 9 1997 12:49AM

== At the County of San Diego we are exploring the possibility of using
== sybperl. Currently it is executing and accessing data fine from the UNIX
== command line (SGI IRIX 6.4). However, how do you execute/invoke perl
== from an HTML file?

tou need to write a CGI (common gateway interface) script. This can be
in shell, perl, sybperl or whatever. The major pitfalls are addressed in
(don't blame me for the name...).

How to exactly configure your web server to execute CGI scripts can be
found in your web server documentation (not in perl related newsgroups.

You also want to get the perl module, which comes with recent
perl distributions, or pick it up from your favorite CPAN site. This
module is VERY useful for cgi scripts written in perl.

If none of this makes sense to you goto and search for
	~g comp.lang.perl.misc AND FAQ ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS

hope this helps

BEA Systems, JOLT Development