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From: andreasew at t-online dot de (andreasew)
Subject: Re: perl directory tree migration problem
Date: Dec 8 1997 1:09PM


sorry for this question - i am a beginner
During my tried setup of SybPerl on NT4 I found that I miss the MakeMaker 
Which Perl version should I be using, I have 5004.

Thanks Andreas Emden-Weinert

Michael Peppler schrieb:
> Brian Black wrote:
> > 
> > hi everyone,
> > 
> > i installed perl 5004.004 and sybperl 2.08.52 on an nt4 server using visual
>  c++
> > without any problems. i had a request to install it on another nt box, but
>  the
> > system administrator will not allow me to install the c++ compiler first. he
> > requested that i copy the perl directory tree only and did so.
> > 
> > in running a simple test, i get the following error:
> > 
> > DB-Library error:
> >         Specified server name attribute could not be found
> > Operating-system error:
> >         There is no OS level error
> > Can't call method "dbuse" without a package or object reference at
> > line 7.
> You're the second person today with this exact error message, and I
> have no clue what this could be.
> I've sent a message to SYBASE-L and comp.database.sybase to see if
> someone else might know
> Michael
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> Michael Peppler       -||-  Data Migrations Inc.
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