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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at MBAY dot NET>
Subject: Re: ct_sql and v2.08
Date: Dec 3 1997 12:20AM

Ronald Page wrote:
> In the "CHANGES" file for Sybperl v2.08 (I'm running Perl 5.004_001), I
> notice:
> "Fixed Sybase::CTlib::ct_sql() to set $dbh->{RC} to CS_FAIL when an
> error occurs in the processing."
> I installed 2.08 and it seems to be working as before.  I get a return
> code of -205 for everything.  Specifically, I am doing an INSERT, and
> want to check the return code for failure.  Here is an example:
>       $ref = $dbh->ct_sql("insert into TEST (test) values (1)");
>       print "$dbh->{'RC'} \n";
> In stepping through, I notice the $rc is set correctly until
> the final line of output is read by:
>     while(($rc = $db->ct_results($res_type)) == &CS_SUCCEED) {
> Inserts that succeed get set the same rc as ones that don't (I haven't
> tested return codes on Selects).  What am I doing wrong?  TIA.

Actually they don't.

If ct_results() returns a result type of CS_CMD_FAIL then a flag
is set in ct_sql() which forces  RC to be CS_FAIL.

What does the SQL look like that fails?

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