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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at MBAY dot NET>
Subject: Re: What am I doing wrong???
Date: Nov 7 1997 9:39PM

Jim Anderson wrote:
> I've created a class that although it doesn't inherit from
> Sybase::DBlib, it does a 'new Sybase::DBlib' during its
> initialization.
> Then, it has an AUTOLOAD sub that invokes (I wish :) a dblib
> method. Unfortunately, this isn't working, and I get the msg:
> Goto undefined subroutine &Sybase::DBlib::sql at ../lib/Map/ line 40.
> Any help greatly appreciated!

I've never played with the AutoLoader like that, but the problem
could be that sql() itself is autoloaded (at least up to 2.07).

Wouldn't it be easier to inherit the subs from Sybase::DBlib?
I see that you're also using a Dblogin module (which I assume
does a new Sybase::DBlib).

Me I would build it that way, or write stubs for the 5 or 6 subs
that you need - not as elegant maybe, but a lot more obvious to
whoever comes after you :-)

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