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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at MBAY dot NET>
Subject: Re: More Sybperl / Linux notes
Date: Nov 6 1997 7:29PM

Lord Vorp wrote:
> At 07:14 PM 11/6/97 +1100, you wrote:
> >hate to say it but i installed sybperl to my perl5.004 installation and it
> >worked poerfectly first time.. maybe its a non standard path intall of perl
> >at your end
> 1.)  I've never heard of such a thing. :-) However, my perl binary is in
> /usr/bin and symlinked to /usr/local/bin.
> 2.)  The abbreviation YMMV in my post (quoted below) stands for: Your
> Mileage May Vary.
> 3.)  I have a feeling that what has been hosing me up is that I didn't want
> to rename the libsybtcl.a to libtcl.a ... the doc's told me it was OK to
> NOT do so, but attempting to link libtcl.a (TCL 7.6) into the project gives
> a very consistent signal 11 to the linker.
> Silly me, I assumed that when I specified EXTRA_LIBS=-lsybtcl it would
> exclude -ltcl
> >> I modified CTlib/Makefile.PL and removed the '-ltcl' option from the
> >> $lib_string variable.
> >>
> >> make clean
> >> perl Makefile.PL
> >> make test
> >>
> >> Perfect!!!!  YMMV but this seems to be the fix for the "cc: Internal
> >> compiler error: program ld got fatal signal 11" error on Linux (which has
> >> been my consistent companion from the day I first HEARD of Sybperl).

Can you tell me what the value of the perl variable $^O is
on your system (and on linux systems in general)?

That way I can fix the Makefile.PL to special case linux for

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