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From: Matthew Hempel <mhempel at Select dot Net>
Subject: Re: building sybperl on Linux
Date: Nov 4 1997 4:50PM


Much thanks for getting back to me so quickly.  I seem to have gotten
sybperl to build ... I believe the trick was to copy libsybtcl.a to

What does my interfaces file need to look like to connect to Microsoft SQL
Server?  It seems I need to specify a port, but I don't know what port the
SQL server uses .. I watched a transaction between the SQL server and a
Microsoft SQL client over tcpdump and it seems to use an astandard,
fluctuating port number.

What function within sybperl's API can I specify a datasource name?  

Thanks for your help.  I'm thinking once I get everything connected and
functions flowing, I'll write a little HOWTO.  

--matt hempel

Matthew Hempel			SelectNet Internet Services
Systems Administrator		Carlsbad, California
				(760) 438-9555

On Tue, 4 Nov 1997, Michael Peppler wrote:

> Did you get the ELF-ized version of the CTlib libraries (available
> from my homepage, f.ex) ?
> Michael
> Matthew Hempel wrote:
> > 
> > Hello
> > 
> > I'm trying to build sybperl on Linux 2.0.30, so that I might be able to
> > connect via SYBASE to Microsoft SQL Server on an NT box.  I've downloaded
> > and installed the SYBASE Open Client for Linux, which came with
> > precompiled static libraries.  I installed the entire sybase.tgz package
> > in /usr/local/sybase.
> > 
> > My CONFIG looks like so (comments removed):
> > 
> > CTLIBVS=100
> > SYBASE=/usr/local/sybase
> > EXTRA_LIBS=-lsybtcl -linsck
> > LINKTYPE=static
> > 
> > make Makefile.PL reports all good.
> > make has no complaints.
> > make test on the other hand
> > 
> > /build/sybperl-2.08/blib/arch/auto/Sybase/CTlib/CTlib.a(CTlib.o): In function `to_datetime':
> > CTlib.o(.text+0x6a3): undefined reference to `cs_convert'