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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at MBAY dot NET>
Subject: Re: Solaris Sybperl/Windows NT Sybase
Date: Nov 28 1997 4:23PM

Java G wrote:
> Hi!
> At present we have Sybase 11 running on Windows NT server, and
> our sybperl applications run on Linux machines, using CTLib. But
> is it possible to acquire CTLib for Solaris, since we own the NT4
> Sybase? Or will we have to pay Sybase huge wodges of cash for the
> privilege of using the product we have already bought? Or are
> we able to download and install pre built libraries and a sybperl
> executable?

It is possible for you to get someone who has a perl & sybase
installation similar to yours to build a static binary for
sybperl, although it's a little bit iffy due to differences in
teh configuration of the base perl which causes missing symbols
at load time.

You should contact Sybase regarding the purchase of the OpenClient
package on Solaris - that would be the best solution.

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