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From: Craig Jackson <CRAIGJ at epub dot med dot iacnet dot com>
Subject: Re: ct_describe produces surprising output
Date: Nov 25 1997 5:00PM

>Ezra Van Everbroeck wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm trying to use ct_describe to get information about the maximum length of
>> (char) fields in a table. The idea is to call the following piece of code
>> with the name of the table as the argument ($table).

>I thought I had found a bug in the code, so I recoded a quickie
>to make sure that I call ct_describe() and don't do anything with
>the returned maxlength. However I still get the same results, and
>the pattern I see is that maxlength is really

>	max(length($colname)+2, $colsize+1)

>so column 'one' has a maxlength of 5, column 'three' has a maxlength
>of 7, and column 'six' has a maxlength of 7.

Looks like it's actually defined as "The number of characters ISQL should
reserve for printing this column"

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Craig Jackson
Electronic Publishing,
Information Access Company