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From: Doug Fairclough <kensey at clearstation dot com>
Subject: anyone need a job ??
Date: Nov 25 1997 7:55AM

hi !  i'm a list member, and have been across a wide span
of time.  so, this is not spam !

i'm looking for someone with a financial background, an
interest in stocks, an interest in general paradyms of
chaos, and sorting through noise, when in fact, there really
is something to be heard ...

ok.  is this a visionary thing ?  well, in terms of changing
the world - yes !  in terms of not having marching orders ?
no.  a lot has been accomplished, and solid steps have been

can i be more clear than this ? not really ... its something
that needs to be checked out.   but it does pay well and if 
someone smart out there who knows the nuts and bolts is 
looking for something, this could be it.

this is in san francisco, california.  at the corner of 
montgomery and california.  in the building where the bank
of america was founded (but now only looks across at the
accordian shaped new headquarters at 555 california) ...

top floor, and the windows open ...

thanks :)