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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at MBAY dot NET>
Subject: Re: SybPerl v2.08 and Open Client version 11
Date: Nov 21 1997 5:48PM

W. Phillip Moore wrote:
> I've been off the list for a while, just rejoined today, so I'm sorry
> if this has been beaten to death in recent discussions...
> Will the sybperl-2.08 release link with Open Client 11.x, and more
> importantly, work?

Yes, and yes.

> The reason I ask may be of interest to users of SGI's hardware.  We
> are very interested in building a version of perl5 compiled 'cc -n32'
> which will offer *very* significant performance improvements for the
> core perl5 product.  However, one must also compile all extension
> libraries with the same -n32 option, and this require having -n32
> versions of the Sybase OC libraries.
> Guess which version of Open Client Sybase made -n32 available for?
> Version 11.
> So, is this possible?  Anyone tried and made it work?

There have been some messages on the list regarding SGI and the -n32
switch - and yes there appear to have been some problems - but I
don't recall all the details. YOu could try searching the Gopher
site for the sybperl list (the address is on my homepage).

However I don't think that there were any issues beyond getting 
the $#&$^ thing to link...

Michael Peppler       -||-  Data Migrations Inc.  -||-