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From: mm
Subject: Re: Sybperl/html
Date: Nov 19 1997 1:11AM

Michael already addressed the possibly missing SYBASE variable.

A few more tips:
- use the module, it makes life *a lot* easier (convenient
  access to form data, short cuts to most html tags, debugging
  from the command line while faking cgi environment, etc.)
- run your script with the -w flag, this will spit out a whole
  bunch of (useful) warnings.
- "use strict;" This will force you to declare all variables
  (which is good programming practice anyway :-). should available from your favorite CPAN. Also, take a
look at the newsgroup comp.lang.perl.misc. A "perl meta FAQ"
is posted weekly (or goto

BEA Systems, JOLT Development

== From  Tue Nov 18 15:15:00 1997
== Date: Wed, 19 Nov 1997 09:16:46 +1100
== From: Doug Robson 
== To: "" 
== Subject: Sybperl/html
== Hi all, 
== maybe a newbie question
== I am called a perl script denoted as .cgi ( which is allowed at my ISP ,
== and othere generaly work ). 
== The web server is Solaris 2.6. Perl version 5.004, sybperl 2.08.
== my question is that whilst if i hard code the user/password, etc into my
== perl script i can successfully login to a sybase 11 server, extract
== valid data, and generate the html output in the script to successfully
== redisplay back to my browser, If i try to use a form to post the values
== i see them going into the script thru debug but it causes a server side
== failure and generates a premature end of headers message in the
== error_log for httpd.
== I wonder if it because of the post action i am somehow losing the scope
== of the request and then the httpd side has no where to send it..
== sorry its curly but mistakes are just a humble way of learning!!
== thanks in advance
== Doug Robson
== -- 
==                       When I die         
==    I want to go peacefully like my Grandfather     
==    not Screaming like the passengers in his car
== Mail me at <----------------
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