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From: Jeffrey Yu <jjyu at ml dot com>
Subject: Re: ld got signal 11 when "make test"
Date: Oct 27 1997 1:56PM

As I reported before, my P6 failed to do "make test" and
gave "signal 11" as the result.  Over the weekend, I re-installed
RH4.2, and upgraded binutils to as well as ld.  I pass
"make test", and "make install ...".  Thanks for the advise people
have given over this issue.  Without them, I would not be able
to make this work at all!  Thanks again!

One thing I notice as trying to install the sybperl is that
the Sybase/CTlib directories would have to be moved manually.
I downloaded the compiled sybperl for Linux and follow the tree
to move my owns to the right location.  And it seems things have
been moved correctly.  Now I will have to move on to use perl
talk to sybase.. .....  Thanks everyone.