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From: "Charles Taylor" <taylorc at sybase dot com>
Subject: Sybperl on NT
Date: Oct 24 1997 1:20PM

I'm currently forced to use two different versions of Perl so that scripts
can monitor NT Eventlogs and run against databases ( Perl 5.001m + Sybperl
for NT by Davide Ferina and Perl 5.003_07).The bugs exist in
the 5.001 version of Perl. I'm wondering when a new release of the Perl +
Sybperl for NT binary is due as that will simplify things greatly.... My NT
Eventlog scanner checks our servers and e-mails me the results every
morning. My next project is to have batch job output files check themselves
for errors and insert the results into a database that will be accessed
from a web page. Thanks for your web site it's been a big help. I'd like to
hear more about other people's projects.