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From: Ed Barlow <sqltech at tiac dot net>
Subject: Re: Where does the SYBPERL newbie start looking for samples library?
Date: Oct 23 1997 2:16PM

You are correct about an sybperl.  There is a faq.  there are also lots
of excellent examples of code in the eg subdirectory of the

You should check out michael's home page for sybperl stuff and should
also check
out my page for free stuff that i have written using sybperl.  One
comment though,
most of the code i have seen uses sybperl/dblib and if you are starting
out, you
might just want to stick with ctlib.  Dblib is used mostly by older
guys who learned dblib years back.  Ctlib is probably the way to go in
the future.

you might also want to get the ctlib reference stuff from sybase.  The
perl calls
are mostly 1:1 mappings to these functions.


PS.  dblib calls start with db and ctlib calls start with ct.
laurel shimer wrote:
> Hi
> I'm new to the group. Have been looking around in all the places I can
> think of trying to figure out where to start finding examples I can use to
> learn how to work with SYBPERL. I have experience using SYBASE (and sql in
> other forms and places) and experience using PERL for cgi scripting. I will
> be using SYBPERL modules which have already been installed at a place where
> I do work.  I have tried out local people resources there seeking interface
> code samples, but it hasn't been running that long and they're concerned
> about the security of the beta project they have running. I'm pretty much
> on my own to figure this out.
> I'm specifically interested in finding code heaven. Someplace where I can
> find lots of samples of code which I can use to try out the interface
> between the product and the web via perl. By searching the gopher archive
> for this newsgroup, I found a reference to $SYBASE/sample but I'm not clear
> where that is. I dug around in the CPAN directory but that doesn't seem to
> be it - or else I'm heading down the wrong path there.
> I must admit that me CPAN navigation skills are not superior. I have
> managed to install some CPAN modules in my own shell account once. I can
> 'gunzip' and untar but beyond that I tend to get a little lost.
> I'm guessing there is a really obvious faq/web site that says 'here are
> lots of samples' and would appreciate being pointed there. Beyond general
> web and dejanews searching, I have stared at the 'welcome to the newsgroup'
> message   and used that to visit the gopher and doing some general
> searching on things like 'sample code' and 'faq'. No doubt I've missed
> something really obvious and someone will post/write soon to tell me to
> check out the nose on my face.
> On my honor I swear to guide the steps of the next faltering newbie who
> posts to this group!
> Thanks in advance.
> Laurel
>                                     * * *
>                          Laurel Shimer(
>                                Programmer/Analyst
>                       Internal and External Web Development
>               HTML, CGI Scripting & Programming, Database Integration
>                                     650.327.4120