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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at MBAY dot NET>
Subject: Sybperl 2.09 improvements....
Date: Oct 21 1997 10:12PM

I'm working on sybperl 2.09 which is to be a performance release.

In particular I'm doing away with the tied hash (used with DO_TIE) and
with the internal hash that sybperl uses to store it's attributes, and
I'm adding the ability to return a reference to an array (as opposed
to the array itself) when retrieving data).

So you'll be able to say:

	$d = $dbh->ct_fetch;
	$var = $d->[0];

which, through some internal optimisations should be quite a bit
faster queries on wide tables. (The optimisations are inspired
by what Tim Bunce has implemented in the DBI module).

My question is:

Should ct_fetch() and dbnextrow() have an additional parameter
to signify that you would like the reference to the array to be
returned as opposed to the array itself, or should there be a 
different call (maybe fetch())? (I can't seem to get the wantarray
functionality to work in my C code...)

Comments are welcome!

I'll probably have 2.08_01 (test release with these optimisations)
available by the end of the week)

Michael Peppler       -||-  Data Migrations Inc.  -||-