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From: Andreas Schmidt <andi at team-konzept dot de>
Subject: Re: Problems Compiling SybPerl for Linux (Anyone Know?)
Date: Oct 17 1997 10:21AM

Hi Jay,

did you see Nathan Harper's posting "RE: More Problems installing Sybperl
under Linux" (14 Oct):

>Anyone else who is having trouble with ld crashing during the link phase on
>Linux (Once you've already set LINKTYPE=STATIC and EXTRA_LIBS=libsybtcl,
>assuming you're using the ELF port of the CTlib and have followed the
>README for Sybperl) may want to try copying libsybtcl.a to libtcl.a.  This
>allowed me to successfully link sybperl on machines running Red Hat that
>had been troublesome before.  I'm not sure why this had anything to do with
>it since the EXTRA_LIBS flag was set, but it worked.
>Nathan Harper

Otherwise check your ld-version. There seem to be problems with older
versions than
	GNU ld version 2.8.1 (with BFD 2.8.1)
	  Supported emulations:

Finaly, there can be a conflict between Sybase's client libraries and other
static linked perl modules. Be shure to use no other static linked perl


>Hi All,
>I hope this isn't annoying as I'm sure this has probably been convered
>to some degree already, but I have not been able to compile Sybperl for
>Linux using ctlib either dynamically or statically.
>I'm using the latest perl source, the latest sybperl source (both off
>their respective web pages), and have compiled SQSH with no problem
>using the same ctlib.
>When I compile sybperl dynamically it complains about unknown symbols in
>the ctlib function calls.  When I compile statically (and try to build a
>whole new perl binary) I get an internal compiler error resulting in a
>dumped core (using the gcc under Red Hat 4.2).
>I guess I'm posting this as a general question if it's a well known
>problem, and if no one knows anything about it, I'll post more details
>(I'm writing this from home, whereas all my details are at work).
>Thank you for any information!
>Jay Millar