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From: Rick Perron <rick at ties dot org>
Subject: Re: Client lib 11.1 and DGUX 4.0: libinsck.a??
Date: Oct 17 1997 12:56AM

What problems have you had?  
I was able to 'make test' with sybperl-2.08 with the 11.1 client 
on Digital Unix 4.0B.

I still have need to have LD_LIBRARY_PATH set.  But I had that problem
with the 10.0.4 client.  Since I went from DU 4.0A to DU 4.0B I have
been unable to build any of the sybperls (or DBD:Sybase) so that I
don't need LD_LIBRARY_PATH set.  :(

And no I don't seem to have libinsck.a, just

> After many trials and tribulations, I'm close to getting sybperl2.08
> to work with the new client library 11.1 under Digital Unix. I'll post
> the details when they're nailed down.
> My remaining problem involves libinsck. I have a .so file for it,
> but my installation of 11.1 doesn't seem to have a .a file for it.
> Is this normal? Or did it get deleted somehow?
> If any of you have the 11.1 client library installed under Digital
> Unix, I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know if you have a
> libinsck.a in the lib directory.
> Thanks!
> -- 
> Harry Bochner

Rick Perron