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From: Tim Holt <holt at roguewave dot com>
Subject: Indirect security question / off topic...
Date: Oct 16 1997 9:34AM

This may be (well, is) off topic, but in some respects seemed to be a good
group to try...

I've noticed that I can telnet to the port number of my Sybase server, but
get no real responce from it.  Does anyone have an analysis of the security
risk to this?  What could you do to someone elses machine if you knew this
"hole" existed?  We would like to utilize a Sybase connection on our web 
site, which is external to our firewall.

Also, kind of off/side topic:  Is anyone using the encrypted "tunneling" 
capabilities of ssh ( for thru-firewall 
Sybase connectivity?

Tim Holt, Internet Systems Developer (AKA The Other Web Guy)
Rogue Wave Software
Corvallis, OR 97333