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From: stephen farrell <stephen at farrell dot org>
Subject: Re: DBlib vs CTlib, please give me a clue!
Date: Oct 12 1997 1:08AM (Timothy Kimball) writes:

> : I certainly agree that for short, simple queries, your bottleneck
> : is likely to be the overhead of fork(), exec(), and loading all
> : your perl code.
> : 
> : But I'm wondering if anyone has done comparisons between mod_perl
> : and FASTCGI. So far I haven't tried either one. On this mailing list
> : I've heard mod_perl mentioned much more than FastCgi, but when I
> : looked into FastCgi, it seemed like a more flexible and general
> : technology. If any one has tried both, I'd be interested in hearing
> : about their experiences.
> Can't answer to that one, not having tried FastCGI (yet). It is more
> general, in the sense that it can be done not just with Perl, but with
> C or Java (if you're so inclined ;).
> Since both FastCGI and mod_perl run pre-compiled Perl, it's not likely 
> that one is going to have a blinding speed advantage over the other.
> : One specific concern I have is handling development. During
> : development you _want_ to reload the perl code every time, because
> : you're constantly changing it. My impression is that with mod_perl,
> : once your code has been read by the server, the only straightforward
> : way to load a new version is to restart httpd, and that doesn't
> : sound like something I want to do every five minutes. Am I wrong
> : about this?...
> Yes, you are. :)  I'm working on a mod_perl script right now. Changes
> to the script are vested at the next invocation, when mod_perl detects
> that the script or any modules it loads have changed (modification date
> later than what mod_perl remembers). No need to restart the httpd
> daemon. I believe the same is true for FastCGI.

FWIW I've been using FastCGI with sybperl for about a year on
solaris/sparc and have been generally quite happy with it.  I do,
however, restart the web server every time to test my scripts.  It's
kind of a drag but not really.  And of course I don't use a production
server to do it!

I'd be interested to hear that it'll detect the change on mod time for
the script and reload it... if this feature exists I'll feel like a
ass for not noticing it all this time.  OTOH, virtually all of the
changes I make are in libraries that the script depends on, so this
wouldn't work anyway.  Of course it'd still be easier to touch the
script then restart the server.


Steve Farrell