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From: kimball at stsci dot edu (Timothy Kimball)
Subject: DBD-Sybase-0.04 interaction with Apache::DBI
Date: Oct 10 1997 1:01PM

Trying to run DBD-Sybase-0.04 under Apache-DBI-0.74 gives fatal errors:

[Fri Oct 10 08:35:26 1997] Can't use string ("") as a HASH ref while "strict refs" in use at /faxafloi/data1/lib/perl5/site_perl/DBD/ line 63.

What's happening is that Apache::DBI::connect() has this line in it:

	my @args = map { defined $_ ? $_ : "" } @_;

So arguments that aren't defined get defined as empty scalars,
including the (optional) fourth argument \%attr. These arguments get
passed to DBD-Sybase where $attr->{AutoCommit} is tested, and *poof*!

This looks like something that will ultimately need to be fixed in
Apache::DBI, because it appears to violate the usage of connect() in
the DBI documentation, but for now, workarounds appear to be:

* Always include the fourth argument ( at least, {} )

* Add "$attr ||= {};" just before line 63 in DBD::Sybperl.

Other than that, looks pretty good. Now let's see about BLOBs. :)
Tim Kimball  Data Systems Division  410-338-4417
Space Telescope Science Institute
3700 San Martin Drive      
Baltimore MD 21218 USA