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From: Andreas Schmidt <andi at team-konzept dot de>
Subject: Re: More Problems installing Sybperl under Linux
Date: Oct 9 1997 4:38PM

Hi Rick,
>Does sybperl WORK with ld 2.8.1 / BFD 2.8.1 ?

Yes it does - but not under any circumstances. If your linker crashes while
linking sybperl this is a sign for a conflict between ctlib and libc. The
elf-port of Sybase's libraries is just a patch which includes some
addidional binaries, that substitute various parts in the libc which have
changed since the compilation of the ctlib. So if you have static linked
other perl modules to perl, which use these parts too, but are compiled
with the new libc-headerfiles you will fail to build a sybperl. On my box,
sybperl is the only module bound static to perl, and there sybperl works

But I'm trying for various weeks to bring sybperl to mod_perl and there
seems to be no way to do it without new compiled versions of the client
libraries. But all attempts to receive them from Sybase failed.


>[root@tempest /root]# ld -V
>ld version 2.7 (with BFD
>  Supported emulations:
>   elf_i386
>   i386linux
>So I may upgrade it to 2.8.1 just to see if it works ok