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From: "Randev, Rajesh, OPLS" <rrandev at att dot com>
Subject: RE: Identity Burn Set Factor
Date: Oct 8 1997 5:07PM

	As suggested by Michael Peppler to rename the original tables
	and select into to create fresh, please be noted that when u use
	'select into' - the rules & defaults attached to the columns will not
	be copied..
	Rajesh Randev.

>From: 	Michael Peppler[]
>Sent: 	Wednesday, October 08, 1997 11:02 AM
>Subject: 	Re: Identity Burn Set Factor
>Pauline Biron wrote:
>> Hello!
>> A sybase, not sybperl question.  I'd appreciate any insight.
>> Our Sybase machine crashed last week, and the identity fields within
>> the database tables reset to 5trillion.  We have reset the burn set
>> factor to 20 (rather than the default 5000).  I would like to restore
>> the original seed value of the identity column.  The 5 trillion id is
>> too much for me to deal with.  Is there a way to reset the identity
>> fields without recreating the table and bcping the info back into it?
>> Or is this the best/only way?
>Assuming you have enough space, how about renaming the original table,
>and then using select into to recreate the original table (with
>identity_insert on, of course).
>Michael Peppler       -||-  Data Migrations Inc.
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