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From: Jim Anderson <jander at ml dot com>
Subject: Re: Join ProblemB
Date: Oct 8 1997 1:16PM sagely stated:
> I'm having trouble with the syntax of a join. SybPerl doesn't care
> for the 2nd dbcmd() I issue it:
> $dbproc =  Sybase::DBlib->dblogin($_[0],$_[1],"SIGHBASE");
> $dbproc->dbuse('MyDB');
> $dbproc->dbcmd("select distinct * from PHASCII, PHPASSWD\n");
> #this is a problem line
> $dbproc->dbcmd("where lower(PHASCII.firstname) like \"%$fname\"");
> $dbproc->dbcmd("and PHASCII.firstname *= PHPASSWD.firstname");
                  ^ (needs whitespace before here)
> $dbproc->dbcmd("and PHASCII.lastname *= PHPASSWD.lastname");
                  ^ (needs whitespace before here)
> $dbproc->dbcmd("order by PHASCII.department");
                  ^ (needs whitespace before here)
> $dbproc->dbsqlexec;
> $dbproc->dbresults;

As someone else already suggested, it's usually best to build the
entire query string in a variable first; then if there's a problem you
can print the variable to view the actual query.

> And it spits:
> Msg 102, Level 15, State 1
> Line 2
>         Incorrect syntax near 'PHASCII'.
> DB-Library error:
>         General SQL Server error: Check messages from the SQL Server.
> I've tried renaming the calls to the table to dbo.PHASCII and so forth,
> but no go. I tried escaping the parenthesis, all to no avail.
> Anybody have any ideas?
> --
> Daniel G. Drumm -
> Rush Presbyterian St. Luke's Medical Center - Chicago, IL
> Network Division - Information Services
Jim Anderson
				(212) 449-1598