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From: mpeppler at itf1 dot itf dot ch (Michael Peppler)
Subject: Re: Message/Error Handler Output Problem
Date: Mar 26 1996 6:41PM

> From: Chris Meyer 
> We are running version 1.1 of the Netscape Commerce Server (on Solaris
> 2.3) against which are running sybperl 4.036 CGI scripts.  The problem
> is that STDERR is being redirected to the form and not the error file:
> 	/opt/ns-home/https-80/logs/errors.
> So we get alot of invalid header messages in
> /opt/ns-home/https-80/logs/errors but no messages from the sybperl
> message/error handlers declared in
> Has anyone run into this problem?  As a temporary workaround we've
> opened up a file, /opt/ns-home/https-80/logs/errors.sybperl, within
> but would really prefer that STDERR be associated with the
> server error file.  We really want to keep as unsullied as
> possible, if this is possible?

Well, you'd need to get access to the filehandle that the Netscape http
daemon uses...  unless there is a way to configure the http daemon to trap
STDERR and redirect it somewhere...

I think your solution is the best that can be done 'easily...'