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From: jander at lehman dot com (Jim Anderson)
Subject: Re: de-referencing pointers
Date: Mar 26 1996 2:24PM

> Help!   I'm corn-fused!  I need to execute a SQL statement that returns only a
> single value.  I use $ref=$handle->sql(...) to execute it.  But I can't seem to
> access the returned value in a single statement.  I'm sure my syntax is screwed
> up somewhere, but I can't figure it out.  Here's an example:
> $ref=$dbh->sql("select getdate()");   # this returns a pointer to an array of
> pointers
> $ref2=$$ref[0]; # 		this returns a pointer to the first (and only)
> row                                                          
> $date=$$ref2[0];         # this returns the actual value
> I'm trying to set the $date value without having to set the intermediate $ref2
> value.
> Shouldn't I be able to assign $date directly, e.g. $date=$${$$ref[0]}[0]?
> Tom Wilson

How about something really simple?

	$dbh->sql( "select getdate()", sub {$date = shift} );

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