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From: rsmith at proteus dot arc dot nasa dot gov
Subject: Re: problem after upgrade
Date: Mar 20 1996 3:09PM

On Tue, 19 Mar 1996 15:29:12 Wrote:

> We are also having a problem after upgrading from perl 5.01m to 5.02.
> Using old sybperl syntax (require ""), and calling &dbcmd, &dbsqlexec,
> &dbnextrow(), whenever a select returns sybase numeric data, the values are coming
> back as a string with the correct number, about 200 spaces, and a garbage character
> (sometimes a number, sometimes high ascii).  All scripts using numerics (ie, identity
> columns) are broken.
> Any ideas?
> Environment: SunOS 4.1, perl 5.02, sybase 10.0, developing WWW CGI's.
> (BTW, I am *not* the administrator who installed 5.02 -- just the programmer who
> got screwed by it.  The administrator was no help in solving this...).

Hi Dave

I am a long time network internals programmer who uses perl for a lot
of programming and rapid prototyping. I have also been a system admin
in my sordid past and I can tell you for sure that publicly
disparaging your sysadmin is not the way to guarantee successful

:-( rjs