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From: DouglasKrakauer <douglas2 at haven dot ios dot com>
Subject: Re: Anyone running Perl with Sybase Anywhere (WATCOM SQL) on Windows 3.1?95?NT?OS/2?
Date: Mar 20 1996 7:06AM


Anyone running Perl or a reasonable simile or subset on 
*Windows 3.1* say with Sybase's SQL Anywhere (formerly WATCOM SQL)? 
If not what will I have to do move my developed work to a UNIX 
platform.  I haven't found yet any ports of Perl to run on Windows 3.1 
which would "upwards" compatible with UNIX Perl and SQL databases.

I am considering a Windows 3.1 TCL, available on CDROM from Walnut 
CDROM (also with various UNIX binaries).  Naviservice, a subsidiary of
America Online (the worst recommendation you could have), uses TCL
with their composite Web Server and database.  The TCL CGI, as
I understand it, is used to update the data base and generate HTML
through SQL calls to through data dictionary tables.

However, I would prefer not to use TCL.  I haven't seen much 
documentation on it, and I hear its filled with security holes.

I'm looking for a cheap development environment.  I just ordered 
SQL anywhere for a $200 desktop version with a 60 day money back

-- Doug   

D. S. Krakauer  
51 E Brinkerhoff Ave #10  $ph = '(201)947-9605'       
Palisades Park, NJ 07650