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From: Doug Fairclough <kensey at wired dot com>
Subject: Re: Perl5 startup speed
Date: Mar 17 1996 1:25AM

On Sat, 16 Mar 1996, T. Kim Nguyen wrote:

> > The bad news is that the startup time for perl5 is significantly
> > longer than perl4!  Since the scripts are running in response to a web
> > browser,adding 3-7 seconds to a 1 second script is quite noticable.
> > 
> > Using some 1 or 2 line scripts of basically print "$0 :" with
> > or without require/use, we get these times:
> > 
> > hello.4:  	0s real  0.000s user  0.030s system   
> > sybperl.4:  1s real  0.070s user  0.100s system  0% 
> > hello.5:  	0s real  0.030s user  0.030s system   
> > sybperl.5:  2s real  1.170s user  0.260s system  50% 
> > dblib.5:  	1s real  0.240s user  0.090s system  0% 
> > ctlib.5:  	7s real  1.010s user  0.150s system  14% 

what is the hardware platform you are running on ?  are there a lot
of process swaps occuring on the machine you running on when you kick
you program off ?  is vhand going crazy ?  it sounds like a hardware 
problem, not a software problem.

maybe this happens in perl5 and not in perl4 due to the dynamic libraries
it may be trying to load.  i guess ...  but it should only load what you
are referencing, not the whole wad.
> Could you write a Perl client that connects to a persistent Perl
> server (the server would be the one using CT-Lib)?  That way you start
> the slow-starting server just once and have fast clients reacting to
> user queries.

you could, and we have, but what we are optimizing for is the time is
takes to open a connection to a backend Sybase server.  This is about
a second.