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From: Steve Coleman - SEWP <scoleman at sewp dot nasa dot gov>
Subject: Re: Problems with SybPerl2.03 under HPUX
Date: Mar 15 1996 2:48PM

Thanks for the tip.  I actually solved it yesterday, and it made me feel kind
of dumb.  Once again I was bitten by the Libtcl.a installation problem and I
hadn't even thought to look on that system for it.  My humble apology for the
network noise.  :-)

Excerpts from what Michael Peppler said:

 |> From: (Steve Coleman)
 |> I have been unable to do 'make test' for CTlib.  It gives me an 'Unresolved
 |> external' error but gives me no clue as to _what_ symbols were unresolved
 |> in  Any help would be appreciated.
 |Please run the tests with the verbose flag turned on, or simply run the
 |tests manually:
 |cd sybperl-2.03/CTlib
 |perl5 -I../blib/arch -I../blib/lib t/ctlib.t
 |This *should* give you more info...

Steve Coleman          --
vox: 301.286.7636         fax: 301.286.1619