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From: wpm at morgan dot com (Phillip Moore)
Subject: Changing parameters such as LDDLFLAGS via MakeMaker for Sybperl
Date: Mar 15 1996 1:27AM

When I build perl5.002 on Solaris 2.4, I tell it to use
/ms/dist/fsf/include and /ms/dist/fsf/lib to pick up libgdbm, in order
to build GDBM_File.  OK, no problem...

Now, when I build Sybperl 2.04, causes the Makefile
constructed by Makemaker to include the following lines:

LDDLFLAGS = -G -L/ms/dist/syb/lib -L/ms/dist/aurora/lib -L/ms/dist/fsf/lib
LDFLAGS = -L/ms/dist/syb/lib -L/ms/dist/aurora/lib -L/ms/dist/fsf/lib

This is a problem for me, since libtcl.a (of tcl/tk fame) happens to
live in /ms/dist/fsf/lib, and Sybperl doesn't like this (Sybase has
its own libtcl which I have to link against).

Solution seems straight forward.  The directory containing the Sybase
libraries ($SYBASE/lib) just needs to be added to the list of -L
flags.  Should be easy to add this via the Makefile.PL command

Well, the Sybperl Makefile.PL has me hopelessly confused.  Arguments
fed to the top level Makefile.PL are NOT used to construct the
Makefiles in the Sybperl subdirectories (which are the important ones,
since that where all the compilation takes place).  

How do I get this to work:

	perl Makefile.PL \
		LDDLFLAGS='long bunch of crap' \
		LDFLAGS='more crap'

such that the BCP, CTlib, DBlib and Sybperl Makefiles are built using
these command line arguments.  This only effects the top level

Michael Peppler has done some black magic in the top level Makefile.PL
to overload some of the MakeMaker methods, and I am hopelessly