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From: "Pablo Sanchez" <pablo at mew dot corp dot sgi dot com>
Subject: Re: sybperl bcp_meminit cannot handle dec()
Date: Mar 11 1996 5:43PM

On Mar 11,  9:51am, Michael Peppler wrote:
> Subject: Re: sybperl bcp_meminit cannot handle dec()
> > From: "Paul Shiao" 
> >
> >   I cannot bcp data into sybase SQLServer 10 because bcp_meminit() function
> >   does not know how to handle datatype dec, specifically dec(20,4).  Is
> >   a way to get around this bug?
> >
> The problem comes from not setting the DBlibrary version (ie calling
> dbsetversion()). This call enables System 10 features in DBlibrary
> which are turned off by default. In sybperl 2.03 and later, the
> dbsetversion() function is automatically called during intialization
> when sybperl has been built with DBlibrary version 10.x or later.
> You can get around this problem by adding
> 	dbsetversion(DBVERSION_100);
> in the DBlib.xs initialize() function, right after the call to dbinit()
> and re-build sybperl, or get the newer 2.03 or 2.04 versions.

It's imperative for SGI boxes to have dbsetversion() set as well... otherwise
things like dbcancel() won't work...

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